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No matter what your vision is for your upholstery, Dr. Rachel’s Upholstery Clinic can create it. We’ve done outstanding restoration work on classic cars, trucks, RVs, buses, motorcycles, aircraft (including corporate jets) and big, beautiful boats. Whether you have an insanely great idea or a funky concept, Rachel and her team can give you precisely what you want. Our services are professional, and this is certainly reflected in the quality of our finished work. We thrive on client referrals, because we strive to make each project even better than the last.

We perform quick turnarounds for restaurants, dentists, doctor’s offices, trucking companies and others who need to keep their facilities performing at top levels.

The work Dr. Rachel does is amazing, and the shop has a sterling reputation. Everything is top of the line, utilizing the finest materials, equipment and highly skilled craftsmen. Dr. Rachel’s Upholstery Clinic has a full-time staff of five, whose combined experience totals more than 40 years.